Sunday, August 21, 2011

So, If It's Not Rocket Science, What's My Problem?

I wrote a post several weeks ago about how weight loss is not rocket science. But I'm still struggling. My eating & exercise habits are so closely intertwined with my emotional state that I eat what I feel like, regardless of if it's healthy, low calorie, good for me food. I've gotten into a very dangerous habit of believing that "I deserve it" and that "one little meal won't hurt."  The problem is my thinking is totally skewed. What I deserve is a healthy body and a life lived from a position of victory, not victim. I have entered a state of complacency that I remember from way back that led to weighing 240 pounds. It's not a good place and it needs to be changed dramatically, radically, & immediately. I'm not trying to be overdramatic here, I'm being serious. It needs to change today. I weighed myself today and I've gained back all that I had lost and then some. So now I'm 22.6 pounds heavier than I was when I was married. At my lightest weight I weighed 150..but that was achieved by some crazy living - I ate the same thing everyday to avoid any choice in the matter (in fact, when I met Nate, he thought I couldn't or didn't like to cook because I cooked the same thing all the time!), I worked out daily and then I also was going out dancing on the weekends and literally dancing from about 9 pm to 3 am on Friday and Saturdays. I worked off a LOT of weight dancing with my friends. I developed a more moderate balance after Nate and I got serious and weighed 158 when we were married and now I weighed this morning and the scale read 180.6. I have avoided typing my actual weight in previous posts. I realized you could figure out the math but now is the time to truly just be honest and put it out there. Things need to change. Things need to change now. I've mentioned a couple times how I enjoy watching TV. Do you know how much time I spend watching TV? I'm honestly afraid to figure it out. So, here's my planning that I'm committing to:

1.  Track all food eaten  - follow the old Weight Watchers plan (tried the new one and really have great animosity towards that calculator they make you buy).

2. Track all exercise - Exercise daily- If it's not going to the gym for strenuous, hard core exercise, it needs to be at the minimum, walking the dog.

3. When watching TV - Stay Moving. Do floor exercises while watching tv or do other chores...just don't sit like a slug anymore!

Those are my commitments to you and more importantly, the commitments I'm making to myself. So, here we go!

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