Saturday, August 13, 2011


Michigan has been invaded. There have been articles (the one in this picture obviously has not started eating yet...he's much too small)
about this horrific invasion and now I have witnessed these creatures firsthand. The other evening Nate and I were working in the yard which entails him mowing the lawn, sweating profusely, and me watching from the window to know when I should go out and sweep the sidewalk. When I came in I went to shake the rug out and this thing fell off me. If I was a crazy photo driven person, I'd carry my camera with me wherever I am and I would have taken a picture of this thing, but alas, I don't. And, as I'm not particularly fond of bugs, my main objective was annihilation.  I looked at it a little peculiarly and thought, "what in the heck is that?" It looked like a cross between a mosquito and a deer fly. It honestly had the shape of one of these: 
It truly had a triangular shaped wing span like that. The other thing that was strange was that it fell off of me like it was drunk and just kind of sat on the floor and started waddling away.It didn't fly. What I realized about 1 nanosecond later, was that it was too full to fly. I smashed it, which led to the largest amount of blood I have ever seen inside of a bug to come spewing out. It had so engorged itself with my blood...I'm sure it was at least 1/2 the blood inside of me. (yes, I do enjoy hyperbole) There was blood everywhere. I actually called Nate in to come look at it. He later described it as though I had cut off a toe and started bleeding everywhere. He had the presence of mind to ask, "You're going to clean that up, right?"
Really? Who needs to ask stuff like that? Would he have left it there for me to clean up?  I hope not!  The next day was the article in the paper about these mosquitoes. As I read, I hoped I could blame some foreign country like Burundi for these invaders. But alas, they are native to Michigan. So, I guess I have no one to blame but me for living in a place that makes these mini stealth suckers. So, who wants to come visit?! :)

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