Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She Did "Down!"

She did it!  Lucy has struggled since the first week of dog training with the command "down." Our instructor, Camille Ward, taught us that you don't introduce the word command until they understand what "down" is, so you basically have to teach her to go down and then once she has that, introduce the word. We've been working....oh, we have been working. She wouldn't go down for anything...even liverwurst!  It's one of the hardest commands to teach a dog, according to Camille, and we are proof of how hard it is!  But today, oh glorious day, she did it. She has known what the command means for quite some time but usually, she'd just cock her head to the side and stand up from the "sit" we had her in to start with. It was quite frustrating. But today she proved that she knows exactly what the word means. Will she ever do it again? I don't know. Right now, I don't care. She has done it several times now. About 20 minutes after Lucy had accomplished this feat, my mom called and asked if I had heard the news of the DC earthquake... it had happened 20 minutes it a coincidence that both happened around the same time??? I don't think so either.....

On other news, I ate according to "plan" and ran/walked again for 4.21 miles....a total this week of 8.16 miles....over halfway to my goal of 15 for the week!

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