Wednesday, August 10, 2011


My niece, Autumn, inspired me today. Both of my nieces went to summer camp this year for the first time and they came back on fire for God! Every since Autumn and Lauren have returned they have spent more and more time getting to know Jesus Christ. They have been watching sermons online, listening to praise music, and not just that, but they are also posting these things to facebook, witnessing to their friends. Well, today Autumn posted to facebook an article from September 2010 about her pastor preaching for 24 hours straight. The article hit me right between the eyes. No, I didn't immediately want to pull an all-nighter... but what struck me was this: here I have been whining and struggling with things that are already taken care of, praying for things that God has already answered. Pastor Steven Furtick asks a question in the article that stopped me short: "Why did you stop believing God for the impossible?"
Why did I? Or, maybe the question should be, when did I? Why did I decide that it was easier to do life in my own strength? When did I decide that doing it myself made more sense than trusting in a God that knows the past, present & future already? Why would I ever dream that trusting in my own strength was more reliable than trusting in the Creator of the universe? As I whine and complain about minor mundane things I'm struck with how often the temporal world is more real to me than the eternal grace of the Lord residing within me. Just because my limited physical senses can't see/taste/touch it doesn't mean it is any less real.This life is just a breath...a minor blip on the screen. And yes, I want to live the rest of my days believing God for the impossible. Yes, I want to live the rest of this life as it really is, a  small little speck on the timeline of eternity and have what matters to God be what matters to me.
And this was all brought about because a young girl who is living sold out for Jesus shared what God is doing for her. Thank you, my dear Autumn for being a light for Jesus and reminding me of what truly matters.

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