Friday, August 19, 2011

The WURST smell ever!

Having only furry children, I tend to dote on then a little bit....ok, a lot..... ok, constantly!  But yesterday's actions far exceed anything I have done thus far. If Lucy ever comes to you and complains that her momma doesn't love her you can....well, that would mean that a dog is speaking English and that would be further proof of her outstanding upbringing!

If you've read any of my other posts you know that Thursday's are Dog Training Class days. And you know that yesterday's dog training class was graduation and we are supposed to perform a "trick."  True to form, Nate and I waited until 1:45 pm yesterday afternoon to begin training Lucy and when I say "Nate and I", I mean "me."  Due to this being incredibly high stakes (having to perform a trick), and not having accomplished "down" yet, I entered the afternoon training session with the very best weapon I could find:  liverwurst.

I know NOTHING about liverwurst except that at times my dad would order a liverwurst sandwich or a side of livermush or something similar at restaurants and we'd be thoroughly grossed out watching him eat...and we'd silently wonder when he'd fall over dead from food poisoning from eating expired liverwurst as he had to be the only person ever to order such a thing in the restaurant. I am NOT a fan of any processed ground meats... I will occasionally eat a hot dog but that's on a rare occasion that we are at the baseball game and it's tradition that you have to eat a hot dog at a baseball game. However, at one of our dog training classes I was totally shocked at how the teacher held Lucy's attention. She later admitted that she had used liverwurst as her treat. I've had it on my shopping list for weeks but couldn't bring myself to buy it...until yesterday. I needed her complete attention. I needed to pull out the big guns. I needed a dog who wouldn't care about anything other than the liverwurst I had and would do anything and everything to get it. So, when I bought it, I noticed it looked a tad slimy and as the teacher mentioned that she baked hers, I thought I'd bake the slime off of it. As the liverwurst baked, Lucy licked the oven. When I first pulled it out, I wasn't too repulsed...but then I started cutting it up into pieces, and oh my word... the stench that came from it about put me under. I truly thought I was going to throw up.

But the training that came out of having such a weapon in the arsenal was like working with a puppet on a string. After training she didn't care about playing fetch. She didn't care about anything but getting more liverwurst. In fact, the rest of the afternoon, as I tried to work on the computer, she curled up in my lap and licked my fingers a few times...then tried to lick the computer.... all she cares about is the liverwurst. She gazed at me adoringly and just waited for my next command. I do believe I have a liverwurst addict on my hands! Now that I have the most obedient dog on the history of the planet, my main concern is that the liverwurst smell that I endured by cutting it into small pieces will be coming from her a far more foul way... That truly will be the WURST smell ever!


  1. Liverwurst isn't supposed to be slimy!!! I hope Lucy feels ok! ;-)

  2. maybe slimy is the wrong word....I wanted to get rid of it being too wet...dry it out some.... but....I will keep my eye out....PAC, I gotta say, that you know it isn't supposed to be slimy.... please tell me that you don't like liverwurst....


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