Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Social Life?

I must admit that we don't have much of a social life. Both Nate and I are creatures of habit so we tend to stick with the routine of work, gym, dinner, tv for me and the computer or, if he's being a total brainiac, a book for Nate, Lucy and I go to bed and Nate comes up and takes Lucy out and to her crate and then he comes to bed. That's the routine...that's what we do. In fact, if I'm not headed up to bed by 9 pm, Nate is normally asking me why I'm not headed to bed yet. We generally plan to "do something" on the weekends. But lately, we've been exhibiting quite the social life!  Well, I guess that's if you are a total social butterfly this may still make you yawn, but for us it's major!  A couple of weeks ago we went to visit some friends in Traverse City who have a cottage. We socialized with them all weekend. Last week we went out to eat and to a concert that was in downtown Ypsilanti and then we saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes in the same weekend. This was after going shopping at Sam's in the afternoon!  I know, VERY exciting!  Yesterday we bought a Groupon coupon to another local restaurant that we want to try and we are going there tonight on our way to church.It's our first time to use Groupon, so we're pretty excited! Tomorrow, we are attending a Humane Society "Yappy Hour" Fundraiser with Lucy before attending her Dog Training Graduation. Once again, two events in ONE day! I figure that if we are going to show everyone a trick at graduation I should be properly soused.  Depending on how soused I get it might be me doing the trick, but it should prove fun, and the getting soused part, I have to do my part to raise money for the Humane Society, don't I?! In a couple of weeks we head out of town again to Pittsburgh "just cuz." We got a GREAT deal at Priceline (who knew that it actually worked?) and instead of paying the standard rate for a hotel, they accepted our offer of $75.00/night!  Isn't that amazing!  We then have been given two tickets to a University Musical Society performance of our choice as a thank you for me working with their organization this past summer. We've chosen to see The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of A Serial Killer starring John Malkovich. We're really excited about that as well!  Whew!  Is it time for bed yet?  I'm exhausted!

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