Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fitness/Exercise Update

Yesterday I struggled with snacking. You know it's going to be a tough day foodwise when you are scarfing your lunch at 10:45 AM. I was so hungry! So, by the time I got home and let Lucy out, I was already dreaming about what I could eat....and none of it was healthy, and fortunately, because of that fact, none of it was in the house. I still proceeded to do some damage with 1 light cheese sticks and about a bazillion and a half fat free pretzel sticks. Before bed we made popcorn as well, so that was a bit of an issue. My sodium intake for the day was astronomical, I'm sure! I did run again yesterday logging 4.10 miles. I was able to run 25 minutes straight, then I walked for 5, ran for 10, walked for 5, and then cooled down for 6. I worked off 541 calories so, I was pleased with that progress. I am now at 12.26 miles toward my 15 mile/week goal for the facebook challenge I joined. I see that when I have a goal set like that I really work hard to achieve it. It makes me ponder the idea of signing up for a race, but I'm still not quite ready to do that. As you know, I backed out of the last one and I'm afraid of doing that again. I get mailings about upcoming races that I could sign up for but I throw them away.One that I ran last year, The Big Heart Big House Run is coming up in October. It's like this big cloud hanging over me. I guess I realize I should sign up for it. That would give me a goal to work toward and I'd have over a month to continue preparing for it. Let me think on that some more...
In other health related news, I've been having a lot of pain in my upper shoulder/neck. I do not have full range of motion in turning my head. I honestly feel that it is connected to sitting at a desk all day. I've thought about trying to come up with a desk system where I would stand instead of sit as my ab muscles basically do nothing all day. In fact, when my back starts hurting and I remember to suck in the abs, I'll hear cracks and I know it's all related to how strong my core is. But now I'm in quite a bit of pain. So, I am going to call to set up an appointment for a massage and see if that helps and then also begin to focus on my core. I thought about getting in to see a chiropractor but I am wary of that slippery slope...I'd end up spending the rest of my life and our life savings in the chiropractor's office getting adjusted. Does anyone have any thoughts on any of this? 

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