Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Not Rocket Science

If you watch TV with any sort of regularity.... who am I kidding? If you turn the TV on at any time no matter how regular your watching may be, you will come across infomercials detailing the latest weight loss "miracle." Claiming that you don't need to work out, don't need to count calories, don't need to do anything but take this pill, or sprinkle that, or do this cleanse, or .... you get my drift, You supposedly can shed fat and become trim and toned continuing your normal lifestyle. This same lifestyle that has you now watching infomercials on how to lose weight. What determines your weight is the number of calories you take in vs. the number of calories you use. It's that simple. To lose weight you need to use more calories than you take in and if you want to gain weight, the opposite is true. And yet, even though this factual information is in my head, I'm sucked in by the infomercials. Just the other day I sat there watching these gorgeous trim models talk about how they can eat whatever they want...(in my head I'm thinking, "what does that consist of? Iceberg lettuce?? A head of bok choy?? Kholarabi??)
It is day 3 of my husband's and my latest attempt at "Gosh darn it! We need to eat right and exercise or else!" The eating plan has gone well (except for me whining yesterday about "not feeling well and not wanting to cook and instead, why don't we just order pizza?" Nate sighed and said hesitantly, "ok." And that gave me the strength to go ahead and cook). The week that we commit to working out would be the week that we are suffering with this massive heat wave coming through which has caused the powers that be (ie: the news anchors of the morning tv show) to tell us to be careful when outside and to avoid strenuous exercise outdoors. We had quit the gym in March when we got Lucy because we thought we'd get great exercise from walking the dog everyday. We were clueless. That dog stops and sniffs everything. You can't get a good rhythm to your walk, you can't even break a sweat! And in this weather, the dog walks three feet and sits and looks at us like, "are you two stupid? It's hot out here!" The other day the dog actually laid down and then rolled on her back and laid like a dead cockroach. That was our clue that she doesn't handle the heat very well. So, our grand plan to get amazing exercise while walking the dog fell through. Therefore, a week ago, I rejoined the gym. And like I said, it's not rocket science. Through healthy and sensible eating, I'm taking in less calories than I am using and therefore am losing weight. I am down four pounds since rejoining the gym a week ago and I'm excited about continuing this trend!

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