Friday, July 22, 2011

My Arch-Nemesis

Doesn't look like much...and I will admit, I'm the one that brought it into our home.  But, in my defense, I didn't know everything that this beast would do to our lives. First of all, the painted parts of the chicken rubs off on anything it hits. So if you throw it to play fetch, which is what Lucy wants to do most of all, it leaves traces of paint wherever it hits. And just so you know, the Magic Eraser, is not so magical when it comes to getting this paint off the walls. It will happily take the real paint off...just not the chicken paint. And yes, I did see the marks the chicken was making and foolishly said, "That's not a big deal! We have the Magic Eraser."  I think our new "magical eraser" is going to be named Benjamin Moore!

Secondly, although I did hear the horrific noise that this monstrosity makes when I stood there in Meijer contemplating purchasing it, I truly had no earthly idea the number of times that Lucy would make the horrific noise in just a few seconds.

And although we have this perfectly acceptable toy:

and this perfectly acceptable, albeit, gross toy (it's a beef trachea),

she wants the chicken. Even when we put the chicken far away, she whines and whimpers until, yes, I admit it, I give in. So, I am the maker of my own misery. And I am declaring to all that the chicken is going down!

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  1. Winner winner, chicken dinner! ;-)


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