Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cars Continued

As you read in the previous post, we have an issue with the car. My husband came home and bungee corded the door shut and the plan was that I was to take the car and wait for it at the auto repair shop. My husband had called and had made an appointment at Saline Auto Care for this morning. So to prepare for my waiting, I had my briefcase filled with my kindle, snacks, etc. I was ready.  I pulled into the parking lot for the shop and thought it looked like it had a huge bay to work on cars which left very little room for me to "wait for the car." I walked in and literally there was about 1 1/2 feet between the door and the counter. There were two stools that took up 1/2 the space. I stood there carrying all of my things and tried to look beyond the counter, thinking that maybe there was a waiting room behind it, but all I could see was the bay. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do. But, I can usually charm my way into at least a chair in the corner! So, I beamed my biggest smile and explained what was wrong with the car and then announced that I was planning to wait for the car. The man behind the counter's eyes got incredibly wide. And he said, "No. We don't do that." And then he said, "You should have told us ahead of time." I, still thinking I'd charm my way onto maybe a stool right outside the door, laughed a little and said, "We just assumed that we could wait for the car. I'm not sure where I can go." While I'm talking, the man who had only shown emotion when I mentioned waiting for the car, hands me a key. Now I'm confused. I thought he'd tell me where the nearest fast food restaurant was so I could go and wait there and instead he handed me the keys to a car and said all we ask is that you fill it up before returning it. I must admit..... I can be a little slow.... I said, "You're giving me a car to use?" And that's exactly what Saline Auto Care did. And, even now as I write this, because they won't be able to finish the car until tomorrow, that loaner car is sitting in my garage. PLUS, they've called, they know what's wrong with the car (it needs a new latch), they checked out a couple other things, and it's going to be fixed tomorrow. The customer service I was shown today was a fresh experience. It was great!

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