Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flank Steak

I'm anal about cooking and grocery shopping. I make a menu for the week of what meals we are going to have and then I make my grocery list from that. I think it makes perfect sense because I'm able to make sure we have all the ingredients and, if you don't already know, I'm a bit of a planner. I like routine, I like a schedule. I feel stable and secure when I'm living according to a plan. So, this week I thought I'd change it up a little.... I mean, you gotta live on the edge, don't you? So instead of our typical grilled chicken, I found a recipe for marinated flank steak that sounded good. Armed with my list I went to the store. Meijer has a large beef section and I went in search of my flank steak. I couldn't find it anywhere. I found steaks from the "top round" and "bottom round" (not quite sure what the round is). I found shoulder & chuck roasts, sirloins & ribs..but no flank. I even looked it up on my phone, thinking they'd give me some alternative names for flank steak. Wikipedia gave me this very nice picture of a cow that highlighted where the flank is:

.....uh, that's great....not really helpful with what I was looking for, but quite informative...I now know where the "round" is located! I found a description of what the steak should look like, so that's what I went with....long and thin... I don't even remember what I ended up with but the only long thin steak was in a family pack, so I hope it's good because our freezer is stocked!

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