Friday, July 29, 2011


I wouldn't have been able to tell you a few months ago that we would ever reach this point. When we brought Lucy home on March 12th, it was as if Buddy's world had fallen apart....and I guess, to him, it probably had. He ignored all of us for at least a month...well, he ignored Nate and I...he ran, hissed, and clawed at Lucy. He lost weight to the point that we took him to the vet to find out if there was something wrong. Nate, being the eternal optimist (ha,ha) was convinced that he had cancer. I, being more of a realist, said he's eating less calories than he's using now that Lucy is chasing him all around. Guess who was right?  If you guessed me, you would be right! Over time, Buddy has finally forgiven Nate and I for turning his world upside down...or at least we hope! Today, when I brought Lucy in from her walk and she jumped on the chair to be next to Buddy, and Buddy didn't seem too bothered by it, I thought I better take a picture to remember this moment. Of course, in the time it has taken for me to write this, Lucy started wagging her tail, which was then touching Buddy's tail, and our peaceful moment ended.


  1. One of the few times I've been wrong - about the cat cancer! :) And I like the photo of Buddy hissing at Lucy. Scary!

  2. and all that Lucy did, literally, that caused Buddy to react that way, was wag her tail. And when she wagged her tail, it touched Buddy's tail and he went bonkers!


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