Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bulk Up!

It's only been as an adult that I've suffered from allergies. After growing up on a farm with two dogs, 17 cats (please know that they all lived in the barn), 2 horses, 3 cows, 2 sheep, a bunch of ducks, pigs, and one turkey, you'd think they would have flared up then! But no, it was after getting Lucy and her falling asleep curled up next to me that I began to sneeze constantly. Nate also suffers with them, so we are both taking OTC allergy meds. I went yesterday to get more and saw that the store brand bottle with 30 pills in it was 20% off, which would have made it $12.00 per bottle. The store brand bottle with 45 pills was $24.00. So, I figured I'd get 2 of the 30 pill bottles and pay about the same as the 45 pill bottle. Thankfully, I didn't just pick them up and go, which is my tendency. I continued to look at all the options in front of me and my gaze went to a much larger bottle. One for 300 pills. It was $34.00. Excuse me?  I may not be a math whiz but you're going to charge $24 for 45 pills but I can get 300 pills for $34???  For 30 pills, I'd pay $12.00 which is....hold on....let me get out the calculator.... 40 cents per pill. The 45 pill bottle is 53 cents per pill and the 300 pill bottle, which will last Nate and I 150 days is 11.3 cents per pill. I thought there was some I'd find out that the 300 count was actually weaker and you needed to take 4 pills a day to equal one of the other pills. But everything was the same. And then I thought about how in the 4 months I've been buying allergy medicine, this was the first time I had noticed this and how I had just gone in, grabbed what appeared to be the best priced option, which for me, had been the 45 pill bottle. What a racket! I couldn't believe it! Is everything this way? Do I need to buy a much larger house? Another refrigerator, and a deep freeze so that I can go to Sam's Club each week and buy the bulk sized of everything? Do you now envision me on an upcoming episode of Hoarders???


  1. We have room for the toilet paper and paper towels that we buy in bulk from Sam's Club now, what's one or two more bulk items? We can store them in the living room! :) And, I know you all had those 17 cats in a one room apartment. Ha ha!

  2. One or two? I'm thinking buy ALL things in bulk! All groceries (hence the additional refrigerator and freezer), all paper goods, EVERYTHING!


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