Monday, April 2, 2012

Marathon Training Day 1

hmmm... I think I may have used that title before.... but, with taking a 1/2 month hiatus to work on the house and get the house in "show mode" and finish working, day 1 is here again. I, I KNOW that starting training today is mui importante to start setting a pattern and precedent for this new job of mine. Even though I have the window people and the carpet cleaners coming today, I must make sure that I run today. Day 1 can't turn into "Day 1 Delayed", or "Day 1 Revisited." So here I am facing "day 1" determined to make it a Great day!

On the house selling front, we had an open house yesterday that was quite encouraging and we have, so far, one showing scheduled for this evening.

UPDATE:  I ran 5.1 km. Feeling good!

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