Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Internet

Have you ever gone to the internet, from habit, and realized that there just wasn't really anything that you wanted to search for and so you just kept going back to the same sites over and over again to see if there's been any change? I've noticed that I do that a lot. I check my email and facebook in the morning and if I have extra time, I'll check out the newspaper sites. Once I'm done with that, I realize there's just nothing else out there to hold my interest. I've been looking a lot at and and other house selling/pricing sites, but you can only look for houses so much before you get depressed about what you can't afford and even more depressed over the state of what you can afford. The other night Nate found a condo for sale in New Haven that caused me to drool. Yes, it's a little out of price range, but we've even talked ourselves into believing it's "not that much" outside of what we can afford. The pictures were amazing: right on the water...huge picture windows looking out to Long Island Sound....just gorgeous. I even dreamed about living there the other night. Last night, in looking in even more detail at the property, I noticed that the price had dropped....significantly. I must say that I truly believe that my heart stopped for a brief moment - contemplating calling our realtor and having her make an offer for us sight unseen - even Nate jumped into the fray by suggesting that we could have me fly out there soon - like next week - and check it out. Then, I started looking closer.... and saw that there were several condos in this same building for sale (after all, it is new construction) and the prices ranged from affordable to astronomically NOT affordable. I started looking at the pictures for all of these condos and came to the horrifying realization that they used the same pictures from my "dream condo" for ALL of the condos for sale. Reality came crashing into my fantasy world and I realized that the "affordable" condo was not the one with the gorgeous pictures, the huge picture windows looking out on the, our affordable condo would be a middle unit that might have a window or two that would glimpse into someone else's home. *Sigh*  I think I'll stop searching the internet for awhile and give my dreams a rest.

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