Monday, March 12, 2012

Shamrocks and Shenanigans

Sunday I ran my last 5K race, at least for a while. Next month I'm scheduled to run my first 10K, and it'll just grow from there. Shamrocks and Shenanigans was held in downtown Ann Arbor and people dressed in all sorts of green paraphernalia for the event. It was a fund raiser for CS Mott Children's Hospital and there were a TON of people. I was disappointed that I crossed the finish line at 34:11 but then a friend reminded me it took a couple of minutes for me to even get to the start line after the race had started, so I felt better thinking I probably ran it in 32 minutes instead. I haven't felt really well the last couple of days, so I felt pretty good about my time. Nate missed me at the finish line, so this picture was taken post race and post "I think I'm going to throw up" look....which is a good look to NOT preserve!

I went to the running store last Friday and was pleased to find out that the shoes I have currently are actually a good pair to train in for the time being. The running expert I spoke with said that I probably can get another 2-1/2 to 3 months out of them before needing new shoes, so I'm going to stick with my Reebok's for now!  I also got a book by Jeff Galloway called Marathon: You Can Do It!. I was dismayed by a very short paragraph in it that said that if I'm looking to lose weight while training, I can't rely on the training method I have prescribed to. Instead, I need to follow this guide:

Monday: Run 30 minutes
Tuesday: Cross Training
Wednesday: Run 30 minutes
Thursday: Cross Training
Friday: Run 30 minutes
Saturday: Walk
Sunday: Long Run

He mentioned that a lot of people have been surprised that they haven't lost weight during their training because the whole purpose of this training method is to conserve your energy as much as possible - where in losing weight you want to burn your stored energy. He also speaks about the diet that I should follow, which I must admit I've thrown my lenten commitment out the window the last few days. It's like I had 4 days (Thursday - Sunday) of wanton debauchery when it came to food. It's quite ironic because I have also been reading a book about the way America eats and yet, while reading, I've been stuffing my face with the things the book tells you not to eat. I'm a hypocrite to the nth degree! Oy! 

Things have gotta change or it's just going to remain the same....

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