Monday, March 19, 2012


Exhaustion has set in and I believe it is here to stay until the house sells. Oh, did I not tell you we're selling our house?  Nate accepted a job at Yale University (not too shabby, eh?) and begins in June. So, we are in the whirlwind of decluttering, sprucing, etc. Our house will go on the market this week and I've been making to do lists in my head that keep me awake at night. We've taken walks after work, but I haven't run since last Monday. I keep telling myself, you only can do what you can do and the rest will have to wait. Once moved, my sole focus will be training for the marathon...and once the house sells and I don't have to live in a perpetual state of "extreme clean" and it can actually look like someone lives in the house, I'll be able to relax some where that's concerned. I know that running helps me relax, but I can't think about that right now. My to do list is looming. Dear readers, I will admit that posts may become rare over these next few weeks, please bear with me. I will try to update as often as possible.

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