Friday, March 2, 2012

Calvin and Hobbes

Sometimes I think that more wisdom comes through a comic strip then ever comes out of people. Take Calvin and Hobbes for example. I love that comic strip.... I miss that comic strip.... and I'm so grateful for the internet where I can see them all over again. The truths found in them can sometimes blow you away...or at least me. Maybe if we all had an imaginary friend to give us advice we'd act wiser. I was watching the news last night and they were talking about a furor over something that Rush Limbaugh said on his radio program. I was appalled and disgusted by what he said and then thought about how the furor over the whole situation is exactly what he's looking for. It just brings him more attention.... the whole situation had me take a long look at myself and my "evolution" as some would call it - I think I'm more inclined to call it wisdom and maturity, but I'm sure others would differ with me on that one. As I'm typing this, I realize that I'm about to get into "political" territory and it was one of the things that I had thought I would avoid on this blog as I have so  many friends and family on either one extreme or the other... but, this has been something I've been thinking about a lot lately, and to write it out, is a way to sort it out in my here it goes.
What I used to be: During the Clinton years I was a STAUNCH Republican. During some of those years, Rush Limbaugh had a tv show and I watched it. I thought it was funny. At the time, I thought all Christians were Republican due to the pro-life stance. I was amazed when I taught at a Christian school in Atlanta that most of my colleagues were democrats. I was shocked. As the years have gone by, I have become more and more disillusioned with both parties. I have come to believe that nobody in politics gets there without getting their hands dirty...and the more "clean" they declare to be, the dirtier they probably are. The more vocal they are about a particular topic - the more likely that is the area of their life that is kept "secret." I have lost my belief that there is truly someone out there really trying to do what is best for "the people." And how can I blame them?  All of the money they get is from people/organizations that want them to do things and vote in ways that benefit their businesses or their interests. If the politicians don't go the way of their supporters, they lose the support, it's as simple as that.
At the last election, we were begged by a someone close to us to please watch this TV show that would tell us why we shouldn't vote for Obama. To appease the person, we agreed. The show was giving 10 reasons on why you shouldn't vote for Obama. That may have been the title of it even, I'm not sure. Reason #1 to not vote for Obama:  His middle name is Hussain. We turned it off.
I said I used to be a republican. About a month ago I declared that I was no longer a Republican. I couldn't identify any longer with a group that basically makes me sick to my stomach. Every time one of the candidates opens their mouths all I hear is stupidity and hypocrisy. I've had enough. I even called the local board of elections or whatever it's called and told them I wanted to change my affiliation to Independent. I thought they'd be very impressed. Anytime I make a declaration of some sort, I really think people should be impressed. They weren't.... they don't even any affiliations on file. They said I could be whatever I wanted.
So, I make my declaration to you, dear reader!  I am now an Independent Voter! 

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