Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some days you just want to wave the white flag

There have been many moments over the past two weeks when I 've just wanted to wave the white flag and surrender. Getting the house ready to show has turned me into Supremo Type A perfectionist. So, maybe its Nate who wants to wave the white flag!
We've been enjoying the unseasonably gorgeous weather and have been sleeping with the windows open. Friday morning I went to close all of the windows before leaving for work and found that our devil furry child Blue had basically shredded a screen. As we are preparing for people to come through the house you can't just put it off until tomorrow because you're too busy today - it just doesn't work that way. So, we took in the screen Monday morning and Nate picked it up Saturday morning. We don't sleep with the windows open now... Saturday I woke with a start at 5 AM realizing that when our realtor came over she would probably be taking pictures and the house wasn't ready for picture taking. So, I began cleaning... And we're talking that I went and bought a tiny scrub brush to clean the grout in the tile type of cleaning - this was serious business. I cleaned until 9:55 (realtor arrives at 10) to find out that she was running late, which gave me 20 minutes to finish up some other things for her to arrive at 10:20 without a camera - pictures will be taken Monday. Saturday we were boxing up some books and labeled the box only for the sharpie (PERMANENT) marker to fall on the floor and mark the carpet, which then brings out the steam cleaner to find out that indeed Sharpie markers are truly permanent. But, not to be outdone by a little marker, I pulled out the big guns and got out the Simple Green. If you ever need a cleaner that basically will do anything that you want done, get Simple Green. I don't know what's in it, and I don't want to know for fear that I'll have environmental concerns to struggle through. I poured some Simple Green on the spots and began scrubbing - with my hand of course, because I didn't want to use a scrub brush and mess up the look of the carpet. I scrubbed and scrubbed and basically found out that Sharpie permanent marker doesn't stand a chance against the amazing power of Simple Green. (you should know that Simple Green is not paying me for this endorsement). And now, I am about to head out and put mulch in the flower gardens to make them look more fresh and spruced up... All of this before we even have a sign in our yard... I believe I need to find a white flag!

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