Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Fall

I thought I'd be clever.  I'd throw the "kong" (Lucy's fetch toy) one way and walk the other. It was supposed to make Lucy confused. Instead, it caused Lucy to get tangled in my legs as I was trying to walk one way and she run the other. I fell. I believe the impact may have caused the house to shake, I fell that hard.... and the majority of the impact was absorbed by my right knee. Just a word to the wise:  if you are trying to stick with a running plan, and you fall, try to have all weight fall on your upper body....not your lower body....  What's weird is that it doesn't hurt to put weight on my knee. It just hurts very badly to move it at all....especially after it's been still for a long time. Bending it....straightening it.... all types of movement hurts. So, I'm going to take it easy...listen to my knee as it speaks quite loudly to me, and heal.

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