Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Marathon Training Day 3

Good morning! Day 3 has arrived and I will once again run the 3.3 mi (5.1 km) in the neighborhood today. I also may end up mowing the lawn and then walking the same path I run this evening with Nate. So, it should be a day full of aerobic activity!  My hope is that it will start to show in the scale. I'm having some issue with the scale. Well, to be more accurate, I should be taking issue with myself, not the scale. Did the scale go through Target yesterday and believe it was a "great idea" to buy candy and create an Easter Basket "for Nate" and then proceed to eat 1/2 the candy?  Did the scale cause me to put the full tub of dressing on your Greek salad at the restaurant, or eat 3 breadsticks with the salad?  None of that was the scale... So, this morning, a new day, a new opportunity has the left over Easter candy going to work with Nate to add to the office candy jar, and I have logged my food for the day into So, next Wednesday, AKA weigh-in day, should display a different number. I just need to remain consistent and focused on my goal. I want to be fit and trim and run the Chicago marathon injury free and unencumbered.

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