Friday, April 27, 2012

34 miles

I went 34 miles this week. I say "went", because I didn't run them all. I ran, walked, and cycled 34 miles this week. I'm pretty pleased!  With the marathon training, I ran a 5K on Monday, another on Wednesday, and then ran 5.5 miles today (as I didn't quite make it to a 10K, I'm honestly not sure how many "k's" I ran). As I said, I'm pleased with my progress. After running the 5.5 miles today, my knees don't feel anything like they did after my 10K race earlier this month. So, hopefully that means they are getting stronger. I am about to go out and mow the lawn though, so we'll see how peppy they are after that! :)

Have I mentioned how when I run I'm absolutely famished afterward?  Honestly, right now I think I could eat a full meal. However, I'm going to go out and mow the lawn instead. And, as I haven't taken a shower yet from my run, I'll be extra nasty after mowing the lawn, so the first thought in my head will be to get in the shower...which will hopefully delay my stomach until lunch time! :) Or at least, that's the theory right now.

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