Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

It is with great joy and relief that I can announce that we've accepted an offer on the house. It isn't totally what we wanted, it isn't totally what they wanted - didn't I hear somewhere that if both parties leave the table a little dissatisfied that means it's a fair compromise?  So, I guess we've had a fair compromise. We're happy that we will be able to go to CT in a few weeks and look for homes knowing that the weight of selling our home first is not holding us here. We're ecstatic that we can move on with our lives and not feel tied to this place. We're thrilled that we can look at homes in CT knowing that "yes, we can give you a down payment for that."

It truly feels quite surreal to me right now. Everything has been so overwhelming that I can't truly get my head around the fact that we will actually be moving and will be calling a new place "home" in a month and a half. The moving company is coming Tuesday to do an estimate on how much it will cost to move us. I think it will be fairly simple - as we are taking no appliances, only taking one bed out of a 3 bedroom house, we are leaving our IKEA bookshelves pictured here:
Isn't it pretty?  Well, as you may know, anything from IKEA doesn't come looking like that. You do end up putting it together yourself.  And, if you are us and IKEA, you know that the company is obviously owned by a sadistic monster who has decided that the hardware for one bookshelf should be completely different than the hardware for the other bookshelf. (oh yeah, we have two of these suckers sitting in our living room....side by side). And, what further supports the whole sadistic monster theory is that these are not easy things to put together. It's not like they are Legos that just click and lock into place. AND, you put them together flat and then you have to figure out a way to stand them up. So, as I stood staring at them skeptically the other day wondering how in the world we would move them across the country without taking them apart (I do believe we'd go on a crazed rampage if we had to put these things together again) without them breaking (the hardware is a tad on the unsatisfactorily flimsy side). The buyers asked to have them remain in the house. We eagerly accepted - shoving our nightmare onto someone else.

As you may see, I haven't mentioned running in a while... I've been resting my toes, as the ball/upper part of my right foot was hurt last week (see previous post). It is improving - we have walked most nights and I can tell that the pain is diminishing, so that's good. My April race, a 10K is Saturday. I'm totally and completely not prepared. But, I'll do the Jeff Galloway run/walk method and make it through....if I end up walking more than running, so be it. The other side of Saturday's race is that it is supposed to rain the entire time. Won't that be lovely? My hope is that I will be able to get back to training in earnest next week, believing that my foot will be better.

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