Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Deep Tissue Mouth Masseuse?

It took Nate and I about 4 years to find a dentist we like. And now that I have one, I want her to move with me. Yesterday I had my six month cleaning appointment and I left with 4 sealed teeth due to oversensitivity and a card for a masseuse. She is a deep tissue masseuse that will "massage both inside and out." This comment from the hygienist stopped me. I tried to make her comment fit with my mouth. I looked at her questioningly and said, "she'll massage the inside of my mouth?" And the hygienist confirmed that yes, that is indeed what the therapist would do. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how not only that would be possible, but how that would feel. When the dentist came in and saw that even with the lovely mouth guard they fitted me for 4 months ago, my grinding teeth were causing me increased pain she concurred that I should  contact this amazing "miracle worker." She did warn me that it would be painful because I have "years worth" of stress that would need to be worked out. Hmmmm...... I'm going to have to give this one some thought.

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