Friday, January 13, 2012

WebMD & other ramblings

Why do I do it? I know what the results will be. Ultimately I will be in stage four of some inoperable cancer... every time...whether it's a pain in my head (brain cancer), my neck (thyroid cancer), or my lower right side (bladder cancer).  At least, that was the latest diagnosis when I went to WebMD to determine why I was having pain in my lower right side. You'd think they may come back with something similar to appendicitis, but surprisingly, that wasn't one of the options. I put in all of my symptoms and it came back that I could either be experiencing 1. Premature labor 2. PMS or 3. Bladder Cancer. As I decided I had a choice of what I was experiencing, I chose PMS and Nate decisively concurred that was probably what I was suffering from....which makes me wonder how he's become such the medical expert?!  

I have also turned into my worst nightmare...You know the people that take their animals once they've died (or at least I HOPE they wait until they've died) and get them stuffed? Well, yesterday was Lucy's 1st birthday. And yes, I made a cake. And yes, I bought one of those #1 candles... and yes, I bought her a gift..... and yes, we sang. And in true "child's birthday fashion" she gobbled the cake without saying thank you and the toy we got her is already broken.  So, I do believe we're really only one step away from taxidermy.

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  1. No, you didn't have appendicitis. Let me tell you what THAT feels like. You sit in the kitchen chair all morning unable to move because the pain is so horrible. You call your wife at work to tell you don't feel well, and says you have the flu. You eventually do make it to the doctor's office, who sends you straight to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. That's what appendicitis feels like!


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