Monday, January 23, 2012

Anticipation Update

So, when you normally have a general feeling of anticipation, does something extraordinary happen?  Because that's not what happened to me. To be honest, I was a little nervous about this feeling of anticipation because I remember one of the last times I woke up with an explained feeling like that and it was the day I woke up my nieces and said, "Are you ready for an adventure?" and I then proceeded to break my I honestly was gearing myself up for something bad to happen. Not a very calming place to be, I must say. But nothing happened. In fact, what did happen today is what was supposed to happen. I ate only what I was supposed to eat and didn't sneak any junk. I drank the water I was supposed to drink and didn't have any soda. (on a side note, I've been reading about how bad diet soda is to your body and how it causes an increase in belly fat because it causes your body to release insulin when it's not needed.)  I worked out the way I was supposed to and didn't give myself an excuse to slow down, even when my side was hurting badly while I ran. I had a pretty good attitude and only vented a tiny bit to a co-worker. So all in all, a very good day.  As I think about it, isn't that the way we should greet every day? Every day we're given is a gift from God...not one of them is promised. Knowing that He has given us this day as a gift and knowing that He only wants us to have life and have it to the full (John 10:10), I should be greeting every day with that feeling of anticipation.

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