Monday, January 23, 2012


It's 6 AM on a Monday and it's pouring down rain. The predictions are for it to continue raining most of the morning and then it will get really windy and freeze. Normally with conditions like these, I'd roll over in bed, throw the covers over my head, try to convince myself that I am sick first of all, and then move to being too sick to go to work.To top it all off, my boss comes back from a week of vacation and one of the main things I was to accomplish while she was gone was put on hold by the big boss, and so we'll be dealing with that today. On top of all that, it's Monday, did I mention that already? Instead of a normal gloom and doom feeling of dread I have this sense of anticipation and excitement that I just can't shake. I'm not quite sure why I'd want to shake it, to be honest. I kinda like the feeling. But it does make me pause and wonder why. The outward circumstances do not lend themselves to encouraging this feeling at all. And yet here it is. What will today hold?  Stay tuned!

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