Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lessons Learned

How does anyone do it?  Moving, I mean. The movers give you a "window" of when they will arrive with your stuff. House closings are "fluid" and will "happen when they happen" which tends to make planning the movers a bit difficult. Our movers arrive today and will be delivering our stuff to our new home (theoretically) next Thursday. I felt like things were well in hand, taken care of, and completely controlled. And then the mortgage lender emailed. This is the same mortgage lender who sent us a loan commitment letter telling us that everything was fine and that we were "all set" in terms of the loan. Now, the latest snafu brings up the whole merged credit report that was supposedly taken care of in April. If you recall, I found out that my credit report had been merged with someone else's. When I called the credit agency in question, they were incredibly helpful, super nice, and saw their error right away and spent an hour on the phone with me fixing the problem. We notified the creditor that it had been fixed, thinking that the situation was behind us. Now, all of a sudden, they claim they have ordered a new report and that a mortgage from this other person's report is still listed on my credit. Once again, I call the credit reporting agency and they assure me that it is completely off and that the last time they show anyone requesting my credit report was in April. Now we're being told by the lender that if it isn't "fixed" the loan is off. Off? Excuse me? The movers arrive TODAY! We are moving on SATURDAY! They are notifying us of this 4 days before we are supposed to close on the house?  Why was this not something that was brought to our attention earlier? Now we have a conference call in exactly five minutes to attempt to clear this up. And when does it need to be cleared up to satisfy the lender? Today. Specifically, this morning as they won't be "available" this afternoon. My stomach is in knots. I didn't sleep last night. So what lessons have I learned?

1. Never move from one house directly into another. Move from a house to an apartment (even if it's for a few months) to another house. Yes, that really makes it a pain with the actual move of your stuff, but evidently that doesn't matter to the lender.

2. Never move into a house before you begin your new job. Evidently, the fact that Nate is ending one job then moving then starting his new job creates a "special circumstance." Avoid all "special circumstances."

3. Have a gajillion dollars in savings to pay for your move because paying interest isn't enough for a bank...they will have you pay fees out the wazoo as well.

4.  On second thought, Never, Ever, Ever Move!

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