Monday, May 28, 2012

Horror Stories

Why do people think it is a good idea to share their horror story with you before you go through whatever they have experienced? People preparing for surgery, usually get to hear the horror stories of how when the other person had surgery the doctor cut off the wrong limb, left a sponge in their body that caused a horrific infection, or some other horrible thing.  What I have had the joy of hearing the past months are moving stories. No, not stories that move you emotionally and have a powerful message....but stories regarding a move from one place to another. Specifically, stories regarding people's previous experiences with moving companies. How are these helpful to me?  One person shared how their mover "disappeared" for two weeks with their stuff and there was no way to contact them. (AKA: pre cell phone days). We just came from having dinner with another couple who shared their story of how the movers didn't show up on the correct day and when they did, they pulled up in front of their neighbor's house and they had to walk uphill both ways with snow up to their shoulders and ...... you get the drift. The story continued to grow to the point where their furniture was not delivered until a month after they moved. I left the dinner thinking that the only way I'll ensure that my belongings make it to New Haven in a timely manner is to ride in the semi truck with the movers. The moving company has assured me that I'll be able to get the cell phone numbers of the drivers and that will make communication so much easier. However, according to my doomsday dinner buddies, the mover that picks up your belongings isn't the same mover that will deliver your belongings. So, how will having Mover A's phone number help when I need to talk to Mover B? This question and many others will hopefully be answered tomorrow when I call the moving company.

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