Monday, May 21, 2012

Race For The Memories

I ran a race yesterday - a 10K. The setting was absolutely gorgeous. The charity supported was the Alzheimer's Association. And it was an absolutely miserable race. I am learning why they say that 40-50 degrees is the perfect running weather. It was 62 degrees when I finished the race and I could've sworn it was 90. It was "hot" and humid. But the worst part about it is that the race coordinators forgot (how ironic is that?) to have a water station at mile 3. They had a water station at mile 1.5 and I had about 3 oz. of wonderfully cool water at that point. I was running to get to mile 3, where I assumed that there would be another wonderful station of refreshment only to find that it was the turn around spot and they just made a hand motion to let you know that you were to turn around at this point. So, I had to wait until I got back to mile 4.5 to have another few ounces of water. I was dehydrated and miserable. After crossing the finish line I drank 32 oz. of water in one fell swoop and ended up moaning, groaning, and sharing with Nate how I was seriously going to throw up for the next hour and a half. He enjoyed that exchange a lot, I'm sure!

I have not picked out a race for June yet - nor for any of the other months (except October, of course). New Haven is quite hilly in nature and there will definitely be a bit of adjustment to running in a hilly area. Of course, that will also help with my overall fitness and conditioning. June seems so crazy busy, I just don't know where I'm going to fit in a race. Ideally it would be the last weekend in June, as I believe that's the only weekend we don't have something going on. Now comes the job of finding one!

On the packing/moving front things are progressing quite well. We're getting more and more packed - although there always seems to be a "bit more." We need to focus on getting the garage packed up as well as finish packing the pictures. June 2nd will be here before we know it! To think that in 2 weeks we will be in New Haven for good!  I'm so excited!

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