Sunday, November 27, 2011


Some traditions, you begin and continue without much thought. It doesn't take much thought for me to avoid even leaving the house on Black Friday. I have no desire to get out there in that mayhem, so I don't. Instead, we have turned the Friday after Thanksgiving into "decorate the house for Christmas." There was some discussion on if we should even decorate. Our furry children have tripled since last Christmas and so there is a LOT of attention being given to the new set up. Blue has taken to climbing the tree. Lucy has taken to removing the ornaments and leaving them around the house. And both of them have a new enemy. Enter, Mr. Snowman.

Lucy went ballistic when we first put out the snowman. She was growling, barking, jumping toward it and then away from it. Even taking it down and letting her sniff it didn't seem to help much. She was convinced that she needed to be on the alert or the snowman would attack. Even Blue approaches the Snowman as a stealth hunter: crouching low and approaching ever so slowly. We'll have to see what the future holds for Mr. Snowman. I'm not holding out much hope for him....he is fairly defenseless and full of the stuffing that Lucy enjoys eating so much.

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