Friday, November 4, 2011


In July I switched from working full time to part time. There were lots of reasons and the time between July and today, I have had every afternoon to accomplish all of the amazing things that I never had time to do when I worked full time. Instead, what I have done is a WHOLE lot more TV watching. I'm now completely addicted to The Closer starring Kyra Sedgewick. Don't get me wrong. I didn't sit at home every afternoon and eat bon bons.  I was able to clean the house, go grocery shopping, and make every doctor appointment without ever having to take time off from work....and still fit The Closer in each day... :)  When I went part time, sacrifices were made. We agreed to make our trip to Pittsburgh our birthday and Christmas gifts to each other, and I went on the grand adventure of coloring my own hair. I know that penny pincher experts say that is a "no-brainer" area to cut costs, but after doing this since July, I beg to differ. I have not found that coloring my own hair has resulted in the amazing effects that I receive from Pam at the salon. In fact, I haven't colored my hair in about 5 weeks because that was when I first started to hope and pray that a full time position would become available and I didn't want to get a position and then have to put off getting my hair colored because I needed to allow my hair to recover from a self-dye job.
An opportunity has come my way that I just can't pass up. A full time position has come available that will provide me with an amazing learning experience, a great challenge, and a fantastic resume builder.Since I quit teaching, I've had a job. Now I'm looking at building a new career. And I'm incredibly excited about it. And after calling Nate and my parents, I called Pam, my hairdresser, and made the first appointment possible to turn this wooly mammoth mane I'm currently sporting into something more tame. Unfortunately, Pam is on vacation and will be for the next two weeks. So, wooly mammoth it will be until November 19th. The new job starts next week!

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