Friday, September 16, 2011

Witchdrawal...I mean Withdrawal Continues

It's not a pretty site. Snippy remarks, flashes of anger, increased frustration, all have been evident in our household...and of course, they have all been displayed by me. Why is Nate so even keel?  Why is he going through this withdrawal with such ease? Why does reason always trump with him? Where are his emotional outbursts? Where is his crankiness?  Why do I have to display it all for both of us?

You may be wondering what we've been eating as we've removed all wheat and gluten from our diet. That really hasn't been too bad for us, actually. We've increased the protein and the fruits and veggies as well. Last night we had Turkey Chili over baked potatoes. Tonight is chicken picatta over shredded zucchini. We've been flipflopping omelets with greek yogurt and berries for the monings and taking veggies, almonds and cheese sticks for lunch. So we keep trudging on in hopes for a brighter and happier tomorrow! :)

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