Friday, September 30, 2011

Wheat Belly - Update

We have been continuing a gluten free diet with some success....well, success for at least one of us! Nate has been losing weight. I have not. I believe that it is because anytime that I cut something out totally, somewhere subconsciously, I believe that it gives me license to overindulge with other foods. This mindset must change and must change NOW! I have seen a dramatic improvement in how I feel having gone gluten free. I am more alert and more energized. I'm not "completely exhausted" by 6 pm every night. I haven't been getting as much sleep with Blue having taken up residence in our room and proving that cats are definitely nocturnal animals. But, I haven't been feeling any adverse effects to that. I wake up still refreshed each day and able to go to work and get the job done. I don't have that "after lunch" fog anymore either. I like the way I feel gluten free. Therefore, I want to continue it. Now, I just need to eat other foods in reasonable amounts and I'll be doing well! 
My life right now seems to revolve around all sports. We, of course, have UM football on the brain, but now we also have the ALCS starting tonight with Tigers vs. Yankees. As my sister-in-law is an avid Yankees fan and Nate a Tigers fan, we are in for some exciting fireworks!

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