Thursday, July 5, 2012

Faulty Thinking Revisited

My ipod did charge enough for me to listen to my Christian Workout Music while running. It is amazing what a difference it made. I ran 15 minutes at a 5.7 mph pace, then walked for 5 minutes at a 4.0 mph pace, then ran another 15 minutes at 5.7 mph and then cooled down for another 5 minutes. I just need to have a reminder of why I'm running. The main reason I am running is to glorify God. That may seem pretentious, but it's true. The sermon at church on Sunday brought up the fact that there are three main issues where believers fail to connect with who they are in Christ. They either have difficulty believing (the sermon series is on James, so you realize that "belief" is an action verb) they are forgiven, or that they are adopted, or that they are a temple. We were to write down which of these we struggle with and mine is definitely believing and living out the belief that I am a temple. That's why I run. I'm a temple and I have a responsibility to treat this body as a temple. This is why I want to eat healthy - and this is what I choose to ignore when I don't eat in a healthy manner. And, to be a bit redundant, this is why I run.

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